thank you, other parents

it's Thanksgiving, and I'd like to thank all the parents who buy their kids a car when they turn 16 without expecting them to have a job first or pay for any part of it because it's making my life with my almost 16 year old even better than I could've ever imagined.

recently I explained to her that we could buy her a car but we won't because it's a HUGE responsibility and privilege not to be taken lightly and she needs to get a job, save more money and buy something reliable, safe and also be able to afford helping with the insurance and gas. Dennis picked her up from basketball practice the other night and told her we can't buy her a car, but if we could, we would, so now he's not allowed to be alone with her anymore which is making things really difficult.

she hits me with a, "I can't get a JOB if I don't have a CAR because how am I supposed to get to work?"

then I sling a, "I had a job when I was 15 and didn't get a car OR my liscense until I was 17."

so she replies,"I'M NOOOT YOOOOU!"

you're kidding

and then we hug, and share a strawberry milkshake with two straws and she apologizes for screaming and slamming her bedroom door and tells me she understands I'm only trying to make her a finacially responsible, unentitled, appreciative young adult.